worldedit flip command

WorldEdit Commands. //pos2 - Set selection position #2 to the block above the one that you are standing on. //contract [direction] - Contracts the selection in two directions at once. //worldedit version - Gets WorldEdit's version. I know I can //stack a selected top slab but thats uncomfortable to use. Left click with this tool to select position 1 and right click to selection position 2. The clipboard flips about a plane perpendicular to the direction specified, through the center of the clipboard. //sphere [raised?] //copy - Copies the currently selected region. Angles are provided in degrees and a positive angle will result in a clockwise rotation. //contract [direction] - Contracts the selection in the specified direction (north, east, south, west). It does not move the selection's contents. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. //regen - Regenerate the selection region. Necro'ing this post a bit, found it via google. //restore [snapshot] - Restore a particular snapshot. Block id:meta. With WorldEdit set with default brush sizes, 5 is the limit. //snap before -Find the first snapshot before the given date. //snap list [num] - List the 5 newest snapshots. //save - Save clipboard to .schematic. //thru - Go through the wall that you are looking at. //drain Drain nearby water/lava pools (within one block of lava/water). It is an easy-to-use editor (plugin + mod) that allows you to do all kinds of awesome things with your builds, such as copying/pasting, rotating, flipping, stacking, etc. //forestgen [size] [type] [density] - Make a forest. I am trying to find a way to horizontally flip it so that it is symmetrical to the other side, but I cannot do that with world edit. //expand - Expands the selection in the direction that you are looking. //pos1 - Set selection position #1 to the block above the one that you are standing on. So I have made a little build and then copied it. For a list of WorldEdit commands please visit the WorldEdit wiki page: ... //rotate - Rotate the clipboard. Interpolation is not performed so angles should be a multiple of 90 degrees. You see a world that is bettered by knowledge and creation. // save Saves the contents of the clipboard in the .schematic. //hsphere [raised?] //snap use - Use a particular snapshot. //set - Set all blocks inside the selection region to a specified block. Help. //removeabove [size] [height] - Remove blocks above your head. //size - Change the size of the current brushes. Here is a filled in circle when the command //deform rotate(x,y,5*pi/3) was used: Important idea to note is the degree variable is in radians, meaning if you type in 45 instead of pi/4, it will rotate the object 2578.3 degrees, 45*(180/pi) = 2578.3 //toggleeditwand - Toggles the edit wand selection mode, allowing you to use the edit wand item normally. In this guide we'll go through the most useful basic WorldEdit concepts, tools and commands. I dont have much knowledge what comes to worldedit (thats basically me saying that i didnt even understand what was the problem, Works for me using Spigot 1.8.8 and World Edit 6.1. As with all complex WE jobs, the CRITICAL parts are the identification of the reference location for your commands, - the white-clay block in this example, and the white-wool block later, and to look straight east/north/south/west lines doing the //flip command 1 year ago. hide. In this guide we'll go through the most useful basic WorldEdit concepts, tools and commands. I hope it helps with fixing it. Most of the commands listed below operate within a selection. //flip: worldedit.clipboard.flip //flip: p: Flip the contents of the clipboard. //chunk - Select the chunk that you are within for your selection. //.s [args...] - Re-executes last script with new arguments. //fixlava - Level nearby pools of lava (within one block). //unstuck - Go up to the first free spot. //undo [number of steps (default – last)] - Undo your last action. Im making a big build and I dont want to be placing every single slab. To use this plugin correctly you need to be opped, click here to learn how to be an operator. WorldEdit commands. /brush cylinder [-h] [height] - Switch to the cylinder brush tool. - Create a hollow sphere. Thread starter Ivain; Start date Mar 4, 2016; Ivain New Member. - Create a sphere. Flip the current WorldEdit region along the given axis. I'll let you know once I've managed to. //stack [count] [direction] - Stacks the selection. Rotate the contents of the clipboard. //fillr - Fill a hole fully recursively. Worldedit uses the cut, copy, and paste commands with the clipboard. sfan5 changed the title New Primitives //cone command Mar 23, 2016 sfan5 added feature request and removed enhancement labels Mar 23, 2016 … Deform. I know how to do //rotate and //flip and all, but I need a vertical //flip. //