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Pre-Laminated Sleeve Stock (Multi-Wall Bags) Generally, These Bags are #26, #33, and #42 NL with 1mm of HD Tubing; Double … Kraft Paper. Poly-coated paper cups can be … PE Coated Paper Board. Prime and odd lot stock are … SunPro Barrier Pack. When the material starts to sweat, the paper will start deteriorating. EXHIBITION. Poly Coated Paperboard Is Used In The Military. Polycoated Consumer Paper. Price : Get Quote Applications : Metal industry, Electronic goods packaging industry Coating : Poly Coated Pattern : Plain Material : Crepe Paper GSM : 120-150 Color : Brown Yogi Paper Industries is among the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of Poly Coated Crepe Paper . Call: 1-888-444-9911 sales@papertecinc.com. • No added costs compared to a standard paper/plastic lamination. NoW Technology™ allows your laminated paper-based products to be recycled, even products with plastic films and coatings. Details. Poly Coated Poster Paper – (35 / 40 /45 / 50 Gsm) PE Chromo Coated Paper –(55 – 60 –70 Gsm) Poly Coated Glassine Paper – (40 –41 Gsm) Plastic Laminated Kraft Paper / ESKP (70 – 10 Gsm) LDPE Laminated Maplitho Paper (70 –90 Gsm) Poly laminated Stiffener Paper (80 – 75 Gsm) PE Laminated Cup Stock Paper (180 – 250 Gsm) Coated FBB Board (300 –330 Gsm) Poly Coated Grey Back Board … The Poly Coated Paper Cups manufactured, traded, exported and supplied by us are manufactured from ITC grade quality paper cup raw material. They are used in applications including food preparation and food … This product is broadly used in residential and commercial places. Of course, you can also use your ordinary stainless steel glass, but never use plastic ones – they are harmful, and its dangers are even worse than wax! In manufacturing process, our professionals use top quality ... View Details » Send Inquiry » Poly Coated Maplitho paper. Plastic-coated paper is a coated or laminated composite material made of paper or paperboard with a plastic layer or treatment on a surface. Rs 65. CONTACT US. Flocking Paper. Poly Coated … It has a variety of applications but is most commonly used as a moisture and grease barrier for pallet pads and bulk palletizing tier sheets. Poly Coated Kraft Paper Roll. The coated paper offers a smooth and high-quality surface that can be used in high-end printing application and packaging industry. This protects the quality, flavor and nutrition of foods during freezing. … Poly coated Boards. Our range of PE coated paper, also known as LDPE paper, is ideally used for heat sealable wrappers, labels, inner liner in carton boxes, etc. The Poster Paper is coated with PE through extrusion process and offered in tear and puncture resistant finish. Browse Polycoated Paper in the Papertec, Inc. catalog including . The military uses sheets of poly coated laminated solid fiber as a water resistant cushioning pad. Companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s have been trying for 30 years to recycle those single-use polyethylene-coated paper cups, the kind that coffee comes in. Poly board is a substrate consisting of rigid paper board that is extrusion coated with a layer of PE to provide a substrate with improved barrier properties. Similar to poly-coated paper, wax-coated paper offers extra rigidity and protection from leaks and absorption, as well as an added layer of insulation. This paper cup is coated with a type of polymer to boost insulation and reduce leaks. Premier polymers are into polycoating of poster paper by extrusion process., with readily available sizes of 45gsm paper 15gsm poly coating 45gsm paper 25gsm polycoating 55gsm paper 15gsm polycoating 55gsm paper 25gsm polycoating in 100kgs rolls. We Used advanced Extrusion process … Our poly coated stocks are heat sealable. Paper - used in various applications for stationery and other writing bindings; Technology - commonly found in loudspeakers and similar types of equipment; Laboratory equipment - in virtually every aspect where plastics are found ; Thermoplastic fiber reinforced composites; There are a few reasons that manufacturers turn to this type of plastic over others. Packaging Applications . This means it’s easy to write on the contents and pack date before freezing foods. Jayant Printery LLP. Plastic Coated Papers, Inc. is an employee-owned and operated company that understands the value of good quality products and top-notch service. We offer a wide collection of poly coated paper or PE coated paper that are used for pouches, lived cartons, soap wrapper, soap stiffener and wrapping labels. Approx. Get Best Quote. From durable coated paper to cores and mailing tubes, there's not a single product we manufacture that we don't fully stand behind. The polymer coating helps keep the material from sweating and protects from condensation. These poly coated kraft paper sheets and supplies are ideal for all purposes and are of optimal quality. ABOUT US. We always use hygienic material and food grade ink for printing of our Paper Cups. For household crafts … Reinforced Scrim Paper (Paper/Fiberglass Tri-Direction Scrim/PE) Our reinforced scrim paper is perfect for use as a steel wrap, skid interleaving, or lumber wrap. OIL & GREASE RESISTANT PAPERS. Poly Ethylene Coated Poster Paper is mainly used for heat sealable wrappers, labels, and inner liner in carton boxes. Our Paper Cups are highly demanded in Dairy Product Industry, Railway Stations, Airports, Food Industry, and Packing Industry. INFO CENTER. Zerust® ICT®427 VCI Kraft Paper. Our offered product is precisely made keeping the demand of our client’s demands and market trends. Request CallBack. Foil Poly Coated Paper. Rs 75. Our products focus on moisture and oil and … One side of the paper is plastic-coated and provides a barrier to air and moisture. , One of the prominent factors driving the growth of the coated paper market is increasing utilization of coated paper across the packaging industry. Poly Coated Poster Paper. Rs 60. Paper board, coated on both surfaces with PE, is extensively used for containers to package liquid products, high-moisture and fatty food products.

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